The Definitive Guide to Flat Earth Proof

well done. 95% ball-shite around to crawl around and earlier. igan can be a Terrible b'tard. exposed persistently now. cia programmer. most likely ran the julian assange cia boarding house in aussie for small blonde boys.

Adore your function mate. Top rated fucking shit. Im going to do an experiment on deal with e-book. I don't have any buddies on facebook as at todays day 24 Sep 2015.

and when invading forces achieved metropolitan areas, they supposedly burnt/destroyed all previous knowledge and then went about reprogramming the peoples minds. due to the fact we are extremely rarely in the primary particular person instance to any function, we rely upon the story teller. does any person else think that our existence on this earth is just really extremely younger, say the last 2000 several years at most, and when so, by what logic please.

Which I sense doesn't sound right Can everyone around the earth begin to see the eclipse If that's so then it has to be a flat earth

Hi Eric I owe you an apology......I hadn't provided much imagined to if the earth is really a plane plus your posts bought me on the lookout into it more earnestly.......far better to admit remaining a parrot for just a time than for being a person for one's entire lifetime......

My IFERS account bought banned... I have not even posted nearly anything, so not sure why. I believe I needs to have gotten caught up in a sweep of some sort. I promise I am not a shill or agent of some type, just a smart dude in search of the reality. I even acquired your ebook. Hook me up by unbanning me.

Each time I indicator into youtube there is an additional interview with that clown performing dumb. And that are these people today supplying him many of the interviews? I did not even know there were a great number of interviewers on the market! I like your sights on the topic to me it is easily the most natural and believable. I eagerly await any video you place out. You woke me up brother, Thank You for that.

Even so the contradictions in basic reasoning abilities (and reasonable fallacies) was appreciable and could be to numerous wondering persons I believe.

Eric, After looking at a number of your videos I procured your e book and have browse up for the Boylan account and so appeared him up and found this site on your website. It appears likely NASA was in a position to encourage Boylan he might come across it much more agreeable to his everyday living model to operate for them like a dis-facts agent than ending up within a land fill.

Zhib Rhan:  When searching for clips to implement while in the Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary, I came across this guy with an exceptionally enigmatic voice and a few first rate videos disputing the alleged curvature on the ball Earth.  website is here Immediately after selecting to include them, Zhib's channel took a transform to the even worse and he started making non-feeling videos saying, very like Mark Sargent, to obtain his very possess flat design which he thought to be a lot more correct than the generally accepted azimuthal equidistant flat Earth model.  In his product, Antarctica was essentially the North Pole!

I are already thought of a "crank" by my nearest and dearest for over thirty a long time to the "conspiracy" stuff I research and feel, so why prevent now?

Truthiracy:  is a YouTuber and blogger who's got just lately made a number of videos seeking to debunk me while (much like Lori Frary) co-opting my name to take action.

..literaly. I are actually dded to varied fb websites involving these people today. I failed to ask to hitch and ive found the postings to be lame and pointless. I will leave these groups pronto

What exactly's new? We often have this. For the rest of us, and we know who we've been. We contain the eyes to check out and the ears to listen to and almost nothing will probably quit us. We are awake and we Plainly begin to see the mechanisms of Management and sooner or later soon, we are going to be the majority, and one day shortly, once they the very least count on it, We're going to just end listening to the controllers.

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